A Mile High

Hi, Boomers,

I’m rounding out the last day of my bi-yearly trek to the Denver Tango Festival.  Tango never disappoints and neither do the festivals I attend throughout the year.  There are always new curves to negotiate on the dance floor, always surprise partners who take my breath away, always changes in personalities, alterations in my perspective of people, places and things.  It’s a blessing to experience life in the tango world.

My website designer, Chesley Nassaney, prompted me yesterday to blog.  “Don’t forget to blog,” he wrote me.  “Keep up the excitement on the new website.”   But, hey, I’m in the middle of dancing tango.  I’m a mile high with joy.  I’m in middle of a holiday, in the glory of dancing tango, communing with friends, olds and new, and now I need to blog?  It suddenly felt a burden until I realized that I’m not just literally a mile high in Denver but I’m also a mile high in life.  That’s the best time to blog.

Yoga and writing are my passions daily.  I rarely socialize during the week.  Saturday night is reserved for tango and I’m quite content lately working on my keynote speech and launching a speaking career.  It’s been a wonderful eight months of collaborative efforts with my speech coach, Mike Rayburn, and Chesley and David Diagle, the master photographer and video genius.  And I continue to teach yoga daily and meditate and check in with my family’s activities.  Grandchildren are back to school and a new round of soccer begins.  I am amazed by my full life.

But a tango weekend is special.  Old lovers pass by me and we smile and forget the endings.  Newer friends become closer and our shared love of tango deepens an otherwise wonderful fondness.  Hearts are touched throughout the day.  Smiles widen at a particular tango song or a new step on the dance floor.  I reach out to those who are sad or troubled or who want to share what has happen in their lives.  I feel so fortunate.  I feel so blessed.  My life is more enriched.

I cherish these weekends.  I will always be grateful for my passion of dancing tango.  It has given me many gifts.  It’s lovely to alway be a mile high.






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