An Accidental Cuban


An Accidental Cuban is the story of Harry Cisneros, a 27 year-old Cuban national who is convinced his destiny is to be an American. After graduating from high school in the U.S. and returning to Cuba, to his hometown, he is stuck in the seaside colonial city of Cienfuegos. Upon his return, Harry discovers a conflicted and moribund Cuban Society. Harry is ravenously hungry for better opportunities, In search of a way off the island, Harry goes down a rabbit hole of corruption and crime in the gritty underground economy of La Habana complete with its backstabbing and corruption, He enters the clandestine money-changing business in Havana and slips deeper into even more dangerous illegal activity. The ending was not what he had expected. In his obsessive search to escape Cuba at any cost, Harry may have to leave his wife and daughter behind.

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