7 Business Skills to Make Your Personal Life More Successful

7 Business Skills to Make Your Personal Life More Successful

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Do you ever wonder why some people are successful in business but not very successful in their personal lives?

This question came up when I was dating a famous musician who had a successful music career not only as a guitarist but also as a music producer and composer. Yet, for years, he couldn’t create a personal life that reflected the success of his professional life.

I eventually let the relationship go, but I still wondered why some very successful and accomplished men and women in business and the arts have personal lives that don’t measure up to the talents they display in their careers.

One of my friends ran a highly successful Internet sales company. When he took his company public, investment money came into his business and profits soured.  Yet, this man’s personal life was in shambles – a marriage long ago broken, incredible daily stress, and poor interpersonal relationships with friends and family. He didn’t apply the skills of his professional success to his personal life.

I suspect that if you take the top business skills required to be successful and apply those same skills to creating a successful personal life, the dichotomy between your professional and personal life will be minimized.


1)    Learn to adapt.

Successful people in business have the ability to adapt in a corporate or entrepreneurial environment. Because top talented people are extremely quick learners, they are willing to easily move in new and different directions when solving a problem. They deal with unexpected situations quickly. The ability to adapt allows the professional to keep an open mind, integrate new information, and be willing to improve or quickly change priorities while remaining calm and composed under stress. These are engaging qualities that make your interpersonal relationships and living experiences positive and productive. Being able to adapt may also cause less daily stress.

2) Be willing to collaborate.

Successful people in business collaborate. Working or living with others is usually a collaborative experience. People who collaborate know who is the best person to do the job and what will work effectively with the team dynamic. They possess clear communication skills, get along well with others and don’t fear negative feedback. People who work in collaboration are committed to completing goals. If you apply these collaborative skills to your personal life or to your family dynamic, there will be less blame and negativity and more clarity of direction. Generally speaking, everyone will be more content and have a lot more fun.

3.    Embrace problem solving.

Successful people in business are problem solvers. A problem solver is usually a creative person who inspires and leads others to participate in overcoming obstacles to success. One of the traits of the problem solver is the unique ability to intuit a real or potential barrier to success. Imagine possessing that problem solving ability in your personal life. Think of how much more you can achieve for yourself and for others by helping to overcome issues and problems, large or small, with family or friends.

4.    Create good habits.

Successful people in business display habitual behavior. Many high-achieving professionals claim their success is due to routines that manage their time and ensure productivity. As a result, fewer mistakes are made. Constructive habits help you achieve daily as well as strategic goals. Being consistent in habits is crucial for creating clear boundaries, which result in living a happier and healthier life – a life that promotes order and consistency rather than chaos and dysfunction.

5.    Work toward being more balanced.

Successful people in business are balanced. They are self-directed and motivated. The balanced professional is respected by his/her peers and is often sought after for advice and consent. Balance is built on knowledge of how every part of the business integrates into a structure that runs efficiently with cost containment. Balance keeps the professionals self-directed, motivated and more mindful. Practicing balance in your personal life reflects a knowledge of your individual needs and the ability to care for  the emotional concerns of others.

6.    Demonstrate accountabiliy,

Successful people in business are accountable. Accountability demonstrates attributes of honesty and responsibility. To be accountable, the successful professional creates structure, develops a consistent routine, and takes incremental steps to achieve goals. Developing the accountability skill in your personal life is the key to a more organized and easier life. When you are accountable, you get more accomplished with less stress. You even have more free time to enjoy family and friends.

7.    Humble thyself.

Successful people in business are humble. The humble professional exhibits a level of confidence without intimidation. Confidence comes from full knowledge of the company structure. The humble approach calmly fosters a sense of openness as employees face daily challenges. In social interactions or within the family dynamic, it is prudent to be humbly respectful because it makes it easy for others to seek help without judgment or fear of failure.

If these 7 professional skills are practiced consistently in your personal life, my experience is that you will have reliable outcomes. Clear actions result in less confusion, doubt and uncertainly in life. More importantly, the people closest to you will have the reassurance of your support and love. And that’s what success if all about.


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