Do You Ever Think About How Little We Think About Things

Hi, Boomers and everyone who has past the age of reason,

Ever think about how little we think about things?

Here is my top ten list of things we don’t think enough about:

1. Romney getting spray tanned in his hotel room before an appearance.

2.  What magic underwear looks like.

3.  How women really feel when men want to determine women’s health care issues.

4.  Why men feel the need to control a woman’s reproductive system since many men don’t seem to understand how it works.

5.  How much we need to restructure our educational system to reflect the realities of the 21st century.

6.  Why we are really experiencing  systemic unemployment:  the need for training a work force that matches the changing landscape of an advanced technological, global community and the increased outsourcing of jobs that has taken place for the 40 years.

7.  Why the war on drugs continues to fail.

8.  Why we still have a two party system when the nuances of governing demands more intelligent options and more creative ideas than our two parties can offer the electorate.

9.  Why the electoral outcome in California is ignored when it is the most populous state.

10.  Why the presidential electoral process in the U.S. lasts approximately two years, spends millions and millions of dollars, enough to fund educational opportunities for decades to come when Europeans can make decisions within a a couple of months with a lot less resources.

I’m going to add three more.   Can’t help it.

11.  Why people feel the need to force their beliefs on others.  We can think for ourselves, I’m sure.

12.  Why men dye their hair.

13.  What is the real role of government in the lives of its citizens.

I’m sure you have your top ten or 20 things we don’t think about because there so many  things we don’t think about.

I’m advocating for staying mindful about all important things and even some less important issues when it comes to what happens in our society.  Sure, we can be trivial and small minded, but we can also be expansive and able to spot false prophets and their deceptions and manipulations.  And sometimes it’s hard to stay completely awake, but what is the alternative.




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