FEED yourself during the holidays, and I’m not referring to the good old turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie. I’m referring to spiritual food – the substance of the soul that enriches your life, brings you peace, love and a whole lot of joy.

FEED stands for: Fulfillment, Equilibrium, Energy and Direction. We all want those elements added to our life in a cohesive and consistent application. So why not take the time and reflect on how to accomplish that intention during the holidays?

Too busy? Too stressed? I say that’s the perfect time to stand back from the holiday madness and re-direct your thoughts and activities and begin in earnest to connect the mind/body/spirit . It’s time take center stage.

Let’s define the problem: First: You don’t need to have it all; you only need what fits with who you are and who you want to become. Here’s the mantra: get rid of things that are holding you back, that get in the way of your happiness and your journey will be clearer, straighter, easier.

The real definition of having it all: it’s is the magical time when what you want and what you have match up. It’s like an eclipse, but magical time lasts longer than 7 minutes and 31 seconds. Having it all involves the freedom to seize the moment – like eating pizza in bed or sneak a piece on Godiva chocolate. It’s different for everyone but you know magic time when you have it.

Here’s a solution: Get rid of the self-defeating prophecy that you have no time for yourself. Trying to be everything to everyone is an illusion. If you pay mindful attention to your personal needs – reflect on your skills, values, interests and priorities, write down thoughts, share ideas, and let go of the energy drains, you’ll find that your life truly reflects your values and beliefs.

Changing your mindset begins with Mindful awareness. Being fully conscious eliminates the thousands of daily cultural messages that flood your brain. Get rid of those mindless messages and you’ll clear the mind of clutter. It is then that you can make great choices instead of meet dead ends; it is then you can see opportunities instead of a sitting in quicksand; it is then you can prioritize with purpose. By definition, you’ll be doing what you love, you’ll give yourself space and time to create, and you’ll be able to reflect daily about what adds value to your mind, body and spiritual well being.

FEED yourself with your spirit during the holidays and fulfill your desires, balance your mind/body/spirit, create more energy and get clarity about the direction of your life.

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