Have An Attitude of Gratitude

Hi, Boomers,

Today I was feeling gratitude all day, and yes, it was raining and I got soaked walking through Brentwood and I didn’t care.  I had the most marvelous day.  I woke up fresh because I didn’t dance tango last night.  I realize that at the end of my day, my energy was not in that place of dancing, and my friend, Hector, was unhappy that I didn’t make it to the milonga.  I had a hard time explaining it to him that where I was emotionally and psychologically was not where tango would enrich my soul.  Today enriched my soul and maybe I anticipated it.

I rolled out of bed feeling gratitude that I could do a quick laundry, clean my apartment in anticipation of son #2 and my three year old grandson coming to stay with me for two days this Thanksgiving week.  I had to make a Trader Joe’s run before the rain came tumbling down so I was there right after 9 am.  I couldn’t believe how crowded it was.  Got a few yummy things for my family and barely made it home before the skies opened up.  I planned to take my hip hop class at 11, and, as my usual custom, I walked – this time in the pouring rain and got drenched and I didn’t even care.  The class was amazing – an hour and a half of straight dancing moves that were so different than what I am used to as a yogini and a tango dancer.  I loved the opposite, the contrary, the strange and sometimes uncomfortable nature of the dance.  The class was full of great young women all in physical sync with our wonderful teacher.  I felt like I was in “Flashdance.”  Remember “Flashdance?”  I wanted to be in that movie and dance like Jennifer Beals – or her double.  Gratitude.

Next stop:  Maha Yoga on 26th and San Vicente for a two hour Yin Yoga class.  This is the stretch yoga, the contemplative and meditative yoga that opens up all the meridians and nadis in our body and let’s the chi flow in balance without obstruction of negative emotions.  We opened hips for an hour or so.  Bliss.  I loved being back at Maha Yoga – Steve Ross gave me my first job as a yoga teacher right from teacher training in 2001 and I am forever grateful for his presence in my life.  He does happy yoga like nobody else on the planet.  We spoke and communed for a brief moment and all was well with the world.  Gratitude.

I made a call to a woman, a psychologist in Palm Springs, that I met at the Los Angeles Festival of Books and she recommended to me so many wonderful places I could present my speech (“Retirement Is Not An Option: Act 3) that I splurged with joy.  She said, “Come stay with me when you are here.”  Gratitude.

Well, the entire weekend from Friday to this moment was a gush of gratitude beginning with my speaking presentation to the Gay and Lesbian Community Center who welcomed my video crew and me with open arms in their amazing fifty-seat black box theater.  The theater was full with people with a waiting list, too.  People were genuinely moved after my speech and came up to me and told me how powerful was the message.  Saturday I taught a private yoga class, got a new client, had coffee with a wonderful friend from my college days at UCLA, and took myself to the movies as a treat.  Then I headed to Hollywood to audition for book publishers who are converting their published books into audio books (Audible.com and Spoken Word, Inc.).  I had the best time in our new sound proof booth.  Gratitude always to Spoke Word, Inc.

Everyone can wake up with an attitude of gratitude.  We can be thankful for the smallest things in our life and we are enriched by the time we take to give thanks.  Did you know that having an attitude of gratitude changes the molecular structure of the brain and makes us healthier and definitely happier.  Gratitude brings many gifts in our lives and uncovers treasures we never thought would appear in our lives.  Gratitude also helps reduce resistance – that toxic negative force that pervades our lives if we indulge it.  And we all need that eliminate so many of our struggles.

I’m also grateful to have this blog to express my deepest thoughts about living creatively and with passion.  Life is truly brilliant at 68.



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