I Took A Trip To The Moon

Hi, Boomers,

I’ve been busy it seems. I started a new writing project. Not a book but a monologue on a theme that is to be part of the Jewish Women’s Theater group salon readings for this coming year. This particular theme is: “Jewish Women Do Men.” I’ve got plenty of material, but I have been wrestling with the format. I’m used to writing in a book format. I have to think “monologue.” I’m under a seven to ten minute time limit – mostly like five minutes but I’m trying to stretch it. The fun part is that I will be doing it as a reading. But for some reason I’m stalling now. It’s not that I have writer’s block because I can yenta with the best of them. I think I keep getting interrupted by the clatter in my brain. I need to go away and write.
And I will tomorrow. I’m going to Las Vegas to be with my family over the Jewish new year. L’Shana Tova. Happy New Year to all my Jewish peeps. I think I’ve really been excited about being together with my family, having dinner and seeing the grandkids run around and play and take care of the new babies – Jude and Penelope. Bliss for me.
And last weekend over Labor Day I attended the Denver Tango Festival. There are two in Denver – Memorial Day and Labor Day. I’m still breathless about it all. The dancing was sublime. I had a wonderful experience. And yes, I was selling some copies of my book, Sixty, Sex, & Tango, Confessions of a Beatnik Boomer, and every last one was sold by the second day. I also brought a bunch of advertising 4×6 cards and they were quickly gone. What really astounded me was that most of the people who bought my book were men, even men much younger than 60! I’m wondering if I got the demographic wrong. Men scooped the book up and asked lots of questions and laughed out loud at my chapter headings and were full of enthusiasm about the project. Husbands were trying to entice their wives to look at the book but they weren’t exactly that interested. Although I must say that the young girls who are my friends gave the book to their mothers and those women loved it. Anyway, it was all so much fun and exciting and I’m still a little on the moon about it.
Speaking of being on the moon, my beloved Jungian therapist retired at the end of August. I put a call in to him a week ago and wished him well. Mike, my therapist, changed my life. He had a profound influence on my psyche and on my spiritual journey. He’s all over my book. In fact, he gave me the courage to write it, but he didn’t know that because I didn’t even know it until I began to write my memoir and Mike came pouring out.
Mike called me today to officially say good-bye even though I hadn’t seen him in 2 years. We were kindred spirits – the same age, the same sensibilities, the same humor and wit and love for all kinds of things we found in common.
“What’s in store for your retirement?” I asked Mike.
“I’m going to explore my two million year old man inside of me and then maybe go to the moon,” he responded with a lilt in his voice. “Then I might get a place in Washington in the middle of nowhere and contemplate.”
I knew Mike was deadly serious about his plan. There really is a two million year old man inside of Mike. I wish I could stick around to get to know him better.
“I want to find a place, too, to go to contemplate,” I said.
“It can be inside or it can be outside, Joan.”
“I know that, Mike, because you taught me that I would always carried my sense of Self with me wherever I decided to venture.”
“That’s right, Joan. You carry yourself and that inner pony that sometimes acts up. Don’t ever lose that pony.”
I promised Mike I wouldn’t perfectly tame my inner pony because then life wouldn’t have as much joy and be as much fun.
Maybe I’ll get to go to the moon some day, too. And maybe Mike will be a fellow traveler.
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