Last Words Before Dying

Hi, Boomers,

I was reading an article in both the NY Times and LA Times about the Koch brothers. These are the infamous Koch brothers as written up, exposed, and pillaged in the recent article in The New Yorker Magazine. At the outset, let me make this perfectly clear: these men are not my favorite people, in fact, they may be my least favorite people in the world right now. They are trying to influence the political landscape with their very ultra conservative ideas and realign some of major issues of the day to suit their own self-agrandizment; i.e., to line their pockets with more money. Oh, did I mention they are in the oil business. And they are pouring millions of dollars into conservative think tanks, state legislatures, oil lobbyists, and groups who fund the tea party – those very angry white people who want to take back the government. Who took it away in the first place? It’s still there and trying to function despite the juggernaut the Republican party has concocted to stay the course of nothingness.
Two things strucK me today that are so very wrong.
There is a proposition on the the California state ballet that abolishes our fairly long-standing emission control and clean air policy. The Koch brothers have given a million dollars to insure that this proposition will pass. And if this proposition passes it will set California back decades on its green path – a path that will provide new green industries and then, jobs. But since the Koch brothers don’t believe in global warming, and since they only care for their own self-interest of amassing more oil money (gee whiz, they haven’t made enough money in their oil business yet?) they have to try to destroy California’s clean air agenda by throwing money at it. I would like to ask the Koch brothers how much is enough money for them. Oh, yeah, I know they give lots of money away to philanthropic endeavors, but all that charity doesn’t mean much when their real agenda is much more sinister and destructive – that is, their agenda will impact the quality of our lives for generations to come and contribute to the destruction of our environment.
And, once again, here it comes – don’t ask, don’t tell – our military’s hypocritical oath. Once upon a time in America, John McCain told its citizens that he was in favor of rescinding that very code, but today he is going to filibuster against rescinding despite the fact that the military is done, done, done with it. McCain wants more study on the subject. McCain wants to hear the sound of his own befuddled voice rattling in the senate for all eternity.
I am trying to stay in my yoga brain in spite of apparent and rampant and unfocused political fantasies. I’m trying not to despise people – call them misguided and not stupid; recognize that everyone has a point of view instead of rank self-interest. I’m trying. But people are motivated by fear and greed – as in Wall Street – and that has been the disposition of mankind since Adam and Eve. “I want that apple.” “No, I want that apple.” “I’m taking the first bite.” “No, I’m taking a bite first, you selfish piece of shit.” “But it’s my right.” “But I found it first.”
The tea party people are living off fear and greed. No taxes because I don’t want or need to think about anyone but myself. But let’s leave my social security and medicare on the table, please. The Koch brothers are living off greed. McCain is living off hubris and fear and a missed opportunity to be honorable. Obviously for McCain, gay people aren’t real people. The “gay” word is a label with nothing real behind it. I wonder if he bothered to study all the gays who spoke Arabic and helped our country in time of war, who fought side by side with “the others” in the military and were then dismissed from the service because they tired of hiding behind a misguided policy.
I was musing about what the last words would be out of the mouths of people who subsist on fear and greed. Let’s say they are about to die and they have a chance to utter two words. What would they be?
More money
Got ’em
I’m right
They’re wrong
No worth
They’re lying
Why me?
Need money
Not true
Me first
What would your last two words be?
Mine would be
Love wins
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