How Much Does Your Emotional Baggage Weigh?

The Greek god Zeus is a prominent patron of June because he is an archetype of light, clarity, power and strength – all themes found in the  month of June. Zeus is also a symbol of summer. (Known as the “father of the gods”, Zeus is also a figure for Father’s Day a holiday in the U.S. held in June).

June is also a month of balance, and it can’t very well feature a father god (Zeus) without a mother goddess. Danu is considered the ultimate mother in Celtic wisdom. In fact, she was responsible for establishing a whole tribe of people (Tuatha De Danann) in Ireland. Danu is the epitome of artful class, craftsmanship and devotion to creative expression.

Let’s put these ideas together in the month of June and see what we come up with: Light, power, strength verses balance, wisdom, creativity. These expressions seem a perfectly suited list for examination as we ponder our own emotional baggage.

How much does your emotional baggage weigh? A lot? Not much? You don’t have any? Oh, come on!  Everyone carries around left over negative emotions from the past, a suitcase full of blame and finger pointing, jealousies, feelings of failure and toxic relationships. We probably have enough emotional baggage to last several lifetimes.

But it’s June, already and June tells us to head into the light during the first month of summer. By opening ourselves up to the light, we find clarity; with clarity comes power and engagement. Ever notice how you feel so strong after you have been in the light? Every day I find the need to get away from my computer and walk outside into t he light and just stand there in absolute joy. Or lately I’ve been going swimming at my client’s home after we do yoga or walk the hills. I am basking in the water and sunlight. The light helps me release my negative emotions, the shame of my failed relationships, the guilt of not doing enough for my family. The light creates clarity of emotion, and I release negativity as I experience clarity, and strength.

Emotional baggage – as in those unresolved issues of an emotional nature is a metaphorical image of carrying all the disappointments, wrongs, and trauma of the past around with us – can be a heavy load. We’ve got them; we can’t get rid of all of them, so how can we lighten our load?

We might look to Danu – archetype of balance and wisdom – for an answer. Danu was a powerful woman who created her life rather than let life take control of her. When things were not going the way she wanted them to, she established her own tribe with a fair and balanced infrastructure. Danu was an artfully skilled self-manager who probably (I’m surmising here) was not derailed by negative people or toxic situations.  She, too, followed the light in the month of June and became stronger and richer for her truthful choices.

Have a happy June!

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