Retreating and Transformation

Hi, Boomers,

Sometimes you just have to say: Enough! I’m full. I can’t take it anymore. There is no more energy left. I’m spent. Basta!
Sometimes destiny plays a role in my life. Sometimes the “others” get in the way of my life. And sometimes I’m just plain tired.
It was a week of practicing the Tao. Daily losing. I had to pick my self up emotionally, spiritually and physically. It began on Saturday night at the milonga – the place where I dance tango. I lost someone I thought was a friend. I don’t know why. Men retreat when they are emotionally tied up; women plow forward to explain and explore. I couldn’t even begin to penetrate my male friend’s feelings and angst. I had to let it go. I’m not sure I have just yet. Daily losing.
My book arrived via UPS at and my door: Sixty, Sex, & Tango Confessions of a Beatnik Boomer. I had read the manuscript for months, edited it, stared at the cover endlessly, and when I got the books – hard and soft cover – I didn’t know what to do and I didn’t know what to feel. It was familiar and yet foreign. Who wrote this? What’s it about? What kind of value does it have, if any? Was it a dream? Did someone else write it? A swirl of emotions and feelings engulfed me. I wanted my mother at that moment. Mom, I did it. I wrote it. Are you proud of me? “I knew you could do it, honey. You can do anything you set your mind to.” I missed my mother intensely for days. Where was my dad? Smiling and laughing at his daughter whom he adored. Daily losing.
Endless decisions about marketing the book. Google ad decisions. Book signing decisions. Meta tags. What is everyone talking about? No one was speaking English. I was out of my element I had no learning curve left. You have to have a public relations arm. Why? I’m selling the book on Amazon and Barnes so why do I have to hire a someone? Press releases. I can’t decide on which cities. Frustration mounting. Daily losing.
Over a month ago, I had thought it time to go on a yoga retreat with one of my yoga teachers at my home studio – the place where I started teaching yoga. I had gone on several retreats over the years but I hadn’t been on one for years. I committed to going on the retreat without knowing exactly why. It turned out it was a good decision.
I leave tomorrow for 3 days to Ojai in order to leave myself behind. My brain is in over-drive and I am challenged daily because I want my old self back. Too many tapes playing in my head. More stress than I can handle. I want to find emptiness and peace, and maybe, a little transformation along the way.
My state of being needs a wake-up call. I realize that some things need to change in this moment.
So what is my intention on this retreat?
Stress is uncomfortable and disturbing. The way I work through stress is in my yoga practice. I’ve neglected my practice. I have left no room in my life to practice except rarely. I’m teaching way too much. I need to return to the spiritual nature of my being, to the teachings and practices of yoga and meditation, to chanting, to exploring paths to enlightenment all the while remaining unsure and insecure about my path, and I need to reside in the center of my path with acceptance and surrender.
I have been blessed with so many gifts in my life: my incredible sons, my four vibrant grandsons, and my soon to be born granddaughter, my beloved Penelope. I was nurtured by loving parents and supported unconditionally by an amazing brother. I have been blessed with some talent to teach and inspire in theater and in yoga and I want to be daily aware of these gift and not get lost in situations and frustrations. I’m going to take my gifts with me to my retreat and absorbed the light.
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