To Twitter or not to Twitter

Hi, Boomers,

I just had my third tutoring lesson in twittering. How’s that for alliteration? I’m feeling stupid, or so, stupid and ask me if I care. I care not. I don’t feel any wiser about social networking either. I’m still stuck in the meaning of “hash.” I think of corn beef hash every time I say “tweet” with my tutor. Actually, tutor is my website designer @chessleyn (that’s a tweet) and every time I get up the nerve to twitter, he emails me, “that’s wrong, Joan.” I get a pit in the bottom of my stomach and want a cigarette.
I’m exhausted marketing my book, Sixty, Sex, & Tango, Confessions of a Beatnik Boomer. Yes, Dave, I always get my plug in. I’m exhausted sending emails for my book signing, which by the way, if any of you are in L.A. on the 17th of February at 7 pm, come to Book Soup, the ever cool bookstore on Sunset Blvd. in West Hollywood and join a fun evening. I’ve got my shills coming, too. I still can’t figure out how I scored that one.
Oh, I don’t mean to whine about all this social networking gig, but I did want to take a brief nap this afternoon before I go out tango dancing tonight and then I thought about how I haven’t blogged in days. Yes, days, and I need rest because I’m still teaching 7 yoga classes a day and trying to think through my trips to Vegas to be with my family, and how to get to Portland to dance tango with my favorite guy, and when to rehearse my salon theater group with the Jewish Women’s Theatre, and when I’m going to find the time to memorize my part. And it seems I’ve got too much on my plate my mind is splintering. Not very yogic, is it.
Yet, it’s totally cool that when I decide I’m going to meditate, I can do it. I can stop the madness. I can stop trying to figure out how to tweet, I can put aside the fight I had with one of my sons and I can even continue to procrastinate starting to write my keynote speech.
I forgot to tell you that last week I was in Vegas for a day and a half to attend a conference sponsored by the National Speakers Association on keynote speaking. Here’s how good I felt about this conference: Let’s say I wasn’t even interested in writing a keynote speech; let’s say I thought this conference looked interesting on the surface of things. The information presented to me by the superstars of the speaking world was unbelievably useful and helpful to me just as a human being. There were lots of open hearts on stage willing to teach, to mentor, to be friendly and patient and honest with everyone. I’m not saying it was a Tony Robbins kind of thing. I’m just saying it was a human moment among people of all walks of life who were learning how to refine their messages, to present new material, to communicate with a higher level of expertise, to move audiences emotionally. It was an amazing moment.
I guess I’m in a learning curve and when I’m in a learning curve it’s difficult to sort out the obvious. Being overwhelmed is, well, just that – I’ve got too much information and I need time to sort it all out. I’ll get there. What I think is inspirational at the moment, however, is that I’m learning something entirely new in my life and experiencing going back to school in an out of the box way that is thrilling. Whenever those negative thoughts of “how can I do that?” “when can I get this done?” “I have no time to nap because I’m overwhelmed!” I kick it up a notch in the positive zone. I put one mental foot in front of another mental foot and continue the journey. It’s a blast, dude. I’ll keep on tweeting.

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