What is the Quality of Your Life? Are You Sinking In Quicksand?

How much conscious attention are you devoting to the quality of your life? Is it sufficient enough to get you out of the quicksand you find yourself in?

The quality of life means different things to different people. In the West, it’s predominately about gathering financial resources. How much is enough?

Or is the quality of life more about achieving balance in mind/body/spirit? Can you have both? Sometimes you can have it all if preparation and opportunity meet exactly at the same time.

But it is always true that you can pursue emotional and intellectual self-awareness; you can always pursue personal truth and professional integrity. These mindsets generate positive energy for living, a firm emotional context, expands the imagination, provides inspiration for living and empathy for others. These are strong intentions that lead you to abundance. Given the best outcome, financial resources will meet up with spiritual joy. West meets East.


What Are Your Patterns?

Over a lifetime, you develop patterns and processes that set the tone and style of your living experience. Some patterns are good and some are not so good. Good patterns occur when you beat back resistance and negativity. Bad habits happen when you give into your endless excuses and exercise your human right to resist. Resistance is a toxic force that takes away your energy, stifles your ingenuity, and obliterates creativity. To counter the powerful force of resistance takes courage and abundant amounts of mindful awareness, because resistance is part of human nature.

Ask some questions about your patterns:

Ask yourself how can you be more efficient in your life.
Ask yourself what 5 things have I been procrastinating.
Ask yourself what are your time wasters.
Ask yourself what excuses keep you stuck.

A conscious, active mental attitude determines how we interpret and react to any situation. In order not to sink into the quicksand, stay present with thought, word and deed. Positivity is a powerful way to reduce reactive behavior, reduce resistance and produces less emotional impulses in the daily workings of your life. The by-product of mindfulness is that anxiety and stress will be reduced; it will help clarify thought and bring clear communication. This is a really smart way to continue to stretch your mind and nurture your personal growth.


What Are Your Problems?

Pulling yourself out of quicksand requires willing yourself out of the chaos of distractions – people, places, things and above all technology. These distractions get in the way of living a fully enriching life. As a result, your thinking gets small and the size of your thinking determines the size of your results.

Practicing self-reflection is a powerful way to address your deeper issues. Pulling yourself out of quicksand requires a dedication to being mindfully aware of your past and present problems so that your future will be more focused and dedicated to living a fulfilling your passions and your dreams.

Here are a few ideas and questions that might help you create a personal inventory to more easily address your immediate and past problems – problems that might cause you some psychic, emotional or spiritual pain.

Ask questions about your problems in the present, in the past?

Where am I vulnerable?
Where do I hold myself back?
What am I afraid of?
Where do I not like myself?
What stresses me?
How are my strengths perceived as a weakness?
What major block needs to be resolved?
For what problems must I ask for solutions?

It is always a right time to take control of your life and resolve you deepest issues. This point of inflection inevitability leads to a deeper, more purposeful path.

What is your purpose, potential passion, power, and possibilities?

What are my deepest heartfelt desires, dreams, and visions?
Where are my life purpose and goals unclear?
What new ideas or passions are teasing me these days?
Where are some opportunities for me now and in the future?

And finally, when a sense of self and purpose become clear, possibilities and opportunities reveal themselves in a myriad of ways: happiness, joy, and peace.

What does peace of mind, play, and pleasure look like?

When do I feel greatest happiness in my life?
What can I do to have more fun in all areas of my life?
How can I get more stillness, solitude, and peace in my life?

You are the only one who can make a difference in your life. It takes work and dedication to get out of the quicksand and confront your life with joy and vulnerability. That’s the preparation; that’s when creativity takes hold and your imagination soars and you are open to new and exciting ideas. This process is life long. It’s worth it. You’re worth it.

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