7 Ways To Create A Successful Life

Life doesn’t have to be perfect for it to be wonderful. The possibility of creating a successful life that is balanced and blissful keeps options and opportunities alive so we can grow and change.

To create a successful life also means being comfortable with what fits with who you are and who you want to become.  It’s that magic time when what you want and what you have match up.  It’s like an eclipse of the sun, but magic time last longer than 7 minutes and 31 seconds. When you create a successful life, you seize the moment, like eating pizza in bed at midnight watching Casablanca or dancing around your living room in your underwear to the Bee Gees. Staying Alive, Staying Alive!



In order for your life to be fulfilling and blissful, it’s important to be mindful of all your decisions and choices. That means staying 100% present – not 19%, not 43%, not 86%. In fact, most of us don’t ever get to the 100% present status. It’s mind boggling how we let distractions and mindless messages from our environment over-take our conscious awareness and keep us from making great decisions instead of meeting dead ends.

The following are 7 ways that help you create a successful life:

1. The Future Of Your Life Is Purpose

The act of living requires purpose, a determination or a design that gives meaning and energy to life. It starts with an awareness of self. Finding purpose with energy is one of the most important ways that the mind develops clear intention. In a general sense, the purpose of everyone’s life is to love and be generous, but then there are the particulars and how they fit together to manifest meaning and joy so that you will leave a your desired legacy.

2. Give Value to Your Family and Community

Giving value to your family and community inspires and motivates the people in your life to share your values, and therefore, your message. This is the law of the mind in action and the key to maximizing your human potential and living a successful life. In a profound sense, giving value to your family and community gives you the opportunity to find purpose in your life.  Being mindful of your values changes perspectives and even empowers you to move forward.

3. Trust In Your Heart – It Doesn’t Lie

The heart is a powerful chakra – an energy center that is always at the forefront of any successful life. The yogis tell you to lead with the heart for a reason: it is the center of a generosity of spirit, a place of true forgiveness and the center of all your happiness and personal success. Your heart doesn’t lie; your mind lies. At the same time, the heart prevents you from getting caught up in needless drama, people places and things that get in the way of your clear intention. Listen to your heart first, let the mind follow and be live a successful life.

4. Have An Emotional Alignment Between You and Your World

One of the most difficult challenges in living a successful life is to create a synergy among all your various states of emotion. The desire to be in balance and in control of your emotional existence will produce a healthy mindset and keep you joyful and positive. Many times during the day, we are stressed and anxious and our emotions are off-kilter. Being in the state of mindful awareness most of our waking day will give us the reserves to reach beyond the reactive behavior and settle into making conscious choices about how we respond to our environment.

5. Give, Receive, Find

Can you imagine not being joyful for another’s happiness or success? The sad truth is that it happens more often than we like to think about. Being stingy with your giving (not necessarily money) but in terms of time, support and energy will not produce the sense of euphoria you would like to have during your day and it certainly does not create a successful life. Your abundance in life grows with giving and releases you from the toxic and mindless forays that bring you to bitterness and envy. Giving and receiving will bring you closer to the center of all happiness with a sense of gratitude and love.

6. Believe in yourself

Believing in yourself is the path to a successful life. How many of you truly believe that you alone hold the key to creating a successful life? You say yes I believe and then you doubt. That’s human nature. That’s fine from time to time, but you can’t live on that continuum. You will  drown in the quicksand of distraction, other people’s opinions and your own unrealized fears. Believing in yourself means trusting the truth of your path – your dharma – that is the truth of your journey. It is only then that you can live a fulfilling, productive, joyful and successful life.

7. Live Simply

How does life get so complicated? How do you find yourself with too much dead weight in life – people, places and things that are not germane to a successful life? The externals, the outside bling signify money, the cool relationship that everybody is talking about or the expensive activities people are jealous of don’t necessarily portray a successful life. Money, things and a gaggle of friends are never the barometer of success. The need to acquire material things at a certain age might be appealing but when the focus shifts to acquiring less, real life kicks in.

These 7 ways to create a successful life are the keys to changing mindsets, expanding your imagination and deciding to embrace a world that looks different, feels different, and thinks different.



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