Honor Thy Body In All Its Glory

Hi, Boomers,

We are aging and that is a fact – an irreversible fact.  I’ve tried to defy gravity, weariness, lack of motivation and initiative during my 60s.  I even wrote my memoir, 60, Sex & Tango, Confessions of a Beatnik Boomer, as a way to analyze and deflect the state of the state.  It has worked and that is why so many people in their 60s feel the need to write, to set their feelings and observations and emotions to paper.  Let me tell you, it’s a wonderfully, inspiring journey.  And that was 3 years ago when I turned 64.  What about now?  What is the state of the state at this moment?

It’s the bod, stupid.  Yeah, the old body.  I still teach the most rigorous yoga schedule imaginable.  Before my trip to Las Vegas to visit one of my sons and his three boys, my grandsons, I was musing that before I left for my 4 am drive on Friday to Vegas, I had taught 25 yoga classes.  Not a record by any means because I used to teach up to 33 in a week, but nonetheless it was grueling.  I’ve been thinking for months about what to do with the my life, more specifically, my body because I am now a professional speaker with all the attendant writing and marketing issues that it involves.  Make no mistake:  I actually like the social networking of it all and figuring out how best to focus and deliver my message keeps my mind sharp.  But it takes time and energy.  So does a relationship, which may be the trickiest component for a late 60s beatnik/boomer who has lived single for many years.  It’s all wear and tear on the body and mind, and often my spirit gets lost in my universe.

Resting peacefully

It seems that the easiest decision is to drop some classes and give me more free days.  Easier said than done.  “But the students need me!” the ego mind screams.  Really?  I’m replaceable.  Everyone is replaceable.  Some people should be replaced.  Then there is burnout and that takes a toll on teaching.

Ironically, I speak on work/life balance.  How funny is that?  I need to adhere to my script, my speech, my belief that I need more fun and recreation to balance a schedule that would kill a dray horse.  Surely, I can do this.  And I must because when I woke up Monday morning at 6 am to teach my 7 am class after a grueling drive Sunday night from Las Vegas in monstrous heat (of course, I have air in my car but I had to get out to get dinner at The Mad Greek in Baker and it was the third rung of hell), my body was not functioning and as the day wore on the challenge to keep moving was very difficult.  I also walk and climb stairs frequently during the week to get to my classes and my shins were killing me, my hamstrings were screaming, and my neck and shoulders were feeling dislocated.

Am I done with all of the bod abuse?  Does age tell me to quit?  What’s interesting about this aging business is having the consciousness to know when and how and what to do to honor our bodies at any given moment of the day and say That’s it.  Done.”   I have to remember that state of mind does not take away my positive energy and spirit.

Resting, meditation, moving into still in body and mind is what I teach.  As we age it becomes intuitive to our nature.  I must remember this blog.




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