Women’s Right to Choose

All this talk about a women’s right to choose (NOT) and the “legitimate rape” story is a mind bender.  This is a real time fairly tale and it’s taking up too much of my time. To see the women’s movement take a backflip because men are so pissed at us because we got some rights way back in the 20th century is unbelievable.  It’s like an out of control train on a track to nowhere.  What happened to a women’s right to choose; what happened to planned parenthood’s right to advise and assist women to plan their lives with conscious choices for sound mental health, wellness and children.  When did all these milestones get derailed?  It’s a mind-bender!  A bloody mind-bender!

I woke up one morning and I was living in Afghanistan where the Taliban roam freely in the treacherous mountain regions of Wiziristan located on the Pakistani /Afghan boarder torturing young girls and women with acid and making them slaves to their fundamental religious beliefs inside filthy tents?  Or is that too much hyperbole? Okay, then what’s next on the agenda  for women?  Take away the vote?  Make us leave our jobs because we have woman’s work in the house?  I don’t know of one young women today who toes that party line.  Take away our educational opportunities.  Lots of luck with that.  Women get more degrees than men.  Do you know why this stuff is bad news for women?  Because the misogynists who roam the walls of congress have the power to write any bill they want, any time they want and attach it to pork belly legislation and call it legitimate.  Now that’s what I call a real legitimate rape.  That’s the true legislative rape perpetrated on all women in our country.

When did religious fundamentalism become so prevalent  in the U.S.?  It crept in on little cat’s feet in a party that claims to want less government  in the lives of its citizens; that is, all citizens except women.

Dudes:  women comprise more than 51% of the American population.  We have more than 51% of the wealth, we are better educated with more titles after our names and we hold more than 51% of the managerial and administrative positions in the U.S.    There will come a day in the not too distant future when you will be forced to take off your Taliban masks and rotting turbans and see the future.  And the future is women power.  Maybe that’s why you are so bound and determine to get involved with our reproductive systems.  And by the way, it would be more helpful if you knew how our reproductive system works before you blurt out some idiotic anatomical theory because you never passed Biology 101.  Or maybe in your school they never taught you how to make babies.  I’m sure the next bill you want our government to pass is the elimination of sex education in school.  Wait a minute:  that’s already happening.

Knock yourselves out writing all the additions you want to your Republican party platform to eliminate a woman’s right to choose .  Dissemble all you want; equivocate all your want; turn your trained attack dogs on us all you want and it the end it won’t work.  You don’t own our bodies.  We do.  You don’t own our minds.  We do.  And you don’t own our mental health.  We do.

Close all the planned parenthood clinics that service women’s health around the country if that makes you feel better because we will find our mammograms and pap smears and contraception elsewhere.  There’s always Mexico and the doctors in that country are pretty good.  These doctors will establish a cottage industry to assist American women in their heath matters (not just abortions, guys, because there are other health matters we attend to). And there are always willing physicians that aren’t afraid to be tarred and feathered by your tea party or run out of town who will stand up to the hippocratic oath.

The tragedy is that some women will be forced to return to the old script of back alley abortions for those desperate enough not to carry a child from a “legitimate rape.”  Okay, I’ll give Akin the benefit of the doubt and substitute “forcible rape” but, really, do we have to split hairs?  I wonder how you would feel about carrying a child that was the result of a violent rape – because there is no rape that isn’t violent – giving it up for adoption and carrying those mental and emotional scares for life.  Who made you God?

The real mind-bender is why men are so afraid of women.  Is it some primitive DNA that got stuck in their bodies way back at the begging of mankind when neanderthals evolved into an intermediary stage of homo-sapiens. Oh, I’m sorry, you don’t believe in evolution.  God made you this way.  Dude, God didn’t make you this way.  Your own fears and insecurities made you this way.  I know some very enlightened men and you do not resemble them at all.

Take care.  You’ll need it.




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