It’s A Girl

Hi, Boomers,

Well, finally, after thirty-eight years of trying, my family came is about to produce a girl baby. It’s a miracle! And it was random, of course. My oldest son and his wife gave birth four months ago to a perfect baby boy, Jude Love. It was their third boy. Oh, there was the usual, “Are we ever going to get a girl in this family” remarks, but everyone was happy because Jude was a healthy and a happy baby. My youngest son produced a male heir the first time. And now: Here comes the girl.
My last blog was about being a grandmother and its miraculous joys. It’s still a mind-bender to me. However, it brings me around full center to living in my 60’s and finding surprises and unexpected moments.
I was speaking to the marketing consultant from my publishing company this morning. The call was by way of introducing himself to me and getting my ideas on how to market my book, Sixty, Sex & Tango. Now, if I had to choose a marketing mentor for me vis a vis my book, it would not be a forty year-old male. And yet, the voice of this forty year-old male captured my attention. He actually was familiar with the themes in my book about living joyfully in the decade of the 60’s, finding passion in life and love, and was going to recommend my book to his mother-in-law.
I posed the question to him about his interest in my book’s topics. He thought that life brought a variety of experience to each decade and it was always worth reading about what other’s have gone through.
“I get your book,” he said. “While it is not specifically a self-help book, it is a book with experiences of a woman who has lived fully in her sixties and has insights and opinions and experiences that might help others.”
Wow! Did he really say that. He’s forty; he’s a male; he’s so far away from my sensibilities.
“Oh, yeah, I forgot to tell you,” I was raised with three older sisters.”
How did I get so lucky today? I can’t wait to hear his marketing suggestions and work with him after the book comes out. Mr. Marketing Consultant was fun, humorous, intelligent and randomly assigned to me by the publisher. It’s a good thing no thought went into the selection.
On the bad news side: I just found out that my beloved therapist made so much money investing in a prostate cancer drug that he is retiring. When I say so much money, I’m referring into the 20 to 30 million range. He bought the drug at $2.00. I had a chance to buy stock in Dendreon, the company that brought the drug to market. But what would a schlepper beatnik/hippie yoga teacher do with a millions of dollars? I actually contemplated that thought in my 7 am yoga class this morning. And I actually couldn’t think of how I wanted to alter my life. Sad, but true.
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