Mother Nature – Alive and Well at Sixty-Six

Hi, Boomers,

I traveled to Las Vegas last weekend to make my monthly visit to my adult sons and my grandsons. I have made this trek for over three years, beginning with the birth of my first grandson, Jordan Mac, about 5 years ago and a particularly pointed call from my brother who urged me to share visits with my mother more frequently. I had been kind of hiding out, working my tail off for years in Los Angeles, and completely oblivious to sharing mother responsibilities with him. He gave me a needed wake up call.
Two years later, Luc Daniel was born; then a year later Greyson Ambrose was born; and recently Jude Love came into our lives. It’s absolutely amazing to me how a mother’s love can morph into a grandmother’s love for her grandchildren. Being in love with family is beyond verbal description. I was waking up and doing the 1 am feedings with Jude and giving him his bottle and thinking nothing of the time or the effort it takes to nurture a baby, especially a baby that is so darn fun and happy. I wasn’t even tired the next day. In fact, my mother’s instinct so kicked in that I awoke about five to ten minutes before the baby did, anticipating his hunger.
The weekend brought a whole new set of needs for my growing grandsons. Jordan dresses himself now and Luc is learning the process. With Baby Jude on my hip, I went from room to room attending to clothes selection, to face washing to brushing of teeth to starting breakfast. All in a morning’s work for a mother and I was ready set to take on the tasks.
I am astounded at the flood of love and emotion I experience with my grandsons. Who knew being a grandmother was going to be like that. Who knew the unending joys of taking care of young children. Soccer games, swimming classes, basketball practice, birthday parties – the whole wonder of kids.
If I ever thought I would loose my mother nature, I have been proved wrong time after time in the course of the last five years. I’m thrilled that at my age love is easy to provide and the care-taking is effortless for my family. It’s so rewarding that later in life we are given so many surprises.
In yoga/meditation, we learn to take time out at least once a day to offer gratitude for our gifts and our joys. It’s so easy for me to do that because I teach yoga many times a day and I have a built in gratitude machine within my open heart. But I never take my teaching or practice for granted because it feeds my soul.
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