It’s About the Ordinary

Hi, Boomers,

Yesterday, one of my yoga students causally said:, “Hey, Joan, I was riding the bus the other day and I saw someone reading your book.” ‘
I hardly knew what to say, so I blurted out a medium scream of delight. I immediately understood the unexpected, the surprise and almost shock of that moment. I will cherish that moment for a very long time.
Today, there was another extraordinary moment. I was sitting with my best friend, John after our Friday tango lesson as we drank our margaritas and listening to him tell me that I just had to continue to write. He thought my book was full of important life issues that I could expound about in other books and he hoped that I would continue my writing journey. I was watching him talk to me, looking at his lips, and trying to understand why he felt so committed to my writing. “Darling, you just don’t know what you have here.”
It is very true that I haven’t yet understood what SIXTY, SEX, & TANGO, Confessions of a Beatnik Boomer means in the long run of my life. I’m too busy worrying about my reading and signing event on Monday. I keep thinking how I’ll trip up on the words, whether I can keep the rhythm going throughout the reading, how the audience will react. I don’t really know what I have wrought with this book. I haven’t had time to make an assessment or to distance myself from events unfolding.
This moment of launching my book feels surreal. What continues to feel real, however, is the ordinary, the daily activities – my yoga teaching, preparing for my book signing and reading in Corte Madera (northern California) on Nov. 14, which will be a kick off for my 50th high school reunion and all the beautiful moments I am sharing with old classmates who have become so very dear to me. I saw several yoga students outside the Wooden Center this afternoon who told me how happy they were because my level 2/3 class at 4:30 on Tuesdays and Thursdays was going to begin next week. They were smiling and happy and so was I. The ordinary. ‘And every class I teach is a joy.
There was pure joy sitting with John at our favorite Mexican cantina recapping our tango lesson and reveling in our friendship – a very old and respectful and loving coupling that will endure for a lifetime. And I await with excitement the moment when I will talk to my grandsons tomorrow morning while they eat breakfast before their soccer games and then I will find find out after the games what transpired. I love Saturdays.
The ordinary brings us joy; the extraordinary brings surprises. And its the balance we strive for.

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