Lessons My Mother Taught Me For Lifelong Vitality

Texas Women In Business, a business group  in Austin, Texas, provided me the opportunity to present a program on lessons my mother taught me for lifelong vitality. I have always been truly inspired by my amazing mother, Estelle Moran. Estelle lived a fully creative and empowering life. My mother taught me many lessons throughout my life, but there are five simple but effective lessons that have provided me with a lifelong template for success both personally and professionally. These lessons started me thinking proactively about my life, opened me up to new and exciting ideas, reduced resistance and inspired me to be a brave, resilient and innovative woman.

Each lesson provides abundance and reduces the mental gridlock of scarcity. They are dynamic and liberating tools to maneuver life’s joys and sorrows: have an attitude of gratitude, be vulnerable, learn to adapt, find your passion and practice forgiveness. The interesting thing about forgiveness (of self and others) is that we can’t practice the other lessons without forgiveness. Forgiveness comes first because it reduces negativity, helps to resolve conflicts more easily, contributes to clear and effective communication, ¬†provides empathy and increases our happiness quotient.

Later in life, Estelle Moran was the quintessential role model for creative endurance and passions. Estelle knew we don’t have to fight for our own voice: we are our own voice. We don’t need to search for happiness for we are born with all the happiness we ever need in our lifetime. And we don’t have to fear scarcity because we know how to find the best within ourselves. More importantly, my mother showed me how to face death with gratitude, strength, grace and love.

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