The Power of Mental Stretching: The Rubberband Revolution

The power of mental stretching is the next revolution in personal development. The Rubberband Revolution™ is the process of teaching the brain a new way of thinking, and in doing so, connecting the right/left brain more effectively.

How can we teach our mind to stretch?  Is that possible?

In order to answer that question we have to decide if our brain is our mind or is our brain simple part of the mind. Are they one and the same or different and separate entities:  one tagged as neuroscience (the brain) and the other (the mind) considered to be pure vibrating energy. Another way of looking at the mind is to think of it as the non-physical entity of our being. Scientists and philosophers argue that the mind does not exist without the brain. Brain and mind are both the rocket and fuel of the human being.  And they are yoked, inextricably connected to each other by the body.

The mind conducts “thought” faster than the speed of light and retains all experience whether consciously or not. The mind creates, projects and receives thoughts. It expresses emotions and feelings and it determines the positive or the negative levels in our bodies. However, most of all, the mind is associated with consciousness, and that being true, the mind can stretch because our consciousness can expand!

The mind always wants to get to know itself better.

The yogic philosopher, Patanjali told us that “When you are inspired by some great purpose, some extraordinary project, all your thoughts break their bonds: Your mind transcends limitations, your consciousness expands in every direction, and you find yourself in a new, great, and wonderful world. Dormant forces, faculties and talents become alive, and your discover yourself to be a greater person by far than you ever dreamed yourself to be.”

Mahatma Ghandi told us, “You can chain me, you can torture me, you can even destroy this body, but you will never imprison my mind.”

Are you ready to discover the power of your mind?

Around 90% of your brain is untapped. Expanding your mental processes will initiate the flow of limitless thought and possibilities. As a result, your personal and work life, relationships and happiness quotient will flourish.

THE PROBLEM: We continually underuse our brain – only about 10% – and we confine ourselves to limited experiences, particularly ones that we identify with from the past. Without realizing it, we have programmed ourselves not to stretch our minds.

THE SOLUTION: Stretch the mind by exploring and understanding how we process a new idea and reframe our thought patterns so that we will ultimately stop limiting ourselves to past references and experiences; thereby, eliminating roadblocks to future thought and creativity.

Stretch your mind and your life takes on importance because you are exploring your nature and environment with an awareness that is like a dance. Stretch and the idea of a life well lived is attainable. This can happen at any age.  How cool is that?

One of the ways I stretch daily is by digging into my human survival kit. My kit is really a goody basket because inside is everything that reflects me: my experiences, thoughts, desires, needs, ideas, dreams, passions, knowledge, everything I’ve ever done and everything I’ve ever been in my life is inside my goodie basket. In my bag there are also 5 essential tools to help me live well and fulfill my passions and my dreams. I guess you could say that these are principles I live by and hope to experience at some point during my day:  gratitude, vulnerability, the ability to change when necessary, pursuing my passions and practicing forgiveness.

I’m sure everyone has a tool kit of essential principles that can help stretch our minds. Perhaps we are not conscious of our tools, but these tools are nonetheless an integral part of our nature. They are essential because they are our guides and inspiration for stability, resilience and balance. Our tools are also responsible for clear thinking, better communication and well-defined relationships.

I was listening to one of my friends the other day about the on-going saga of his rocky and seemingly intractable marriage. It occurred to me that what might be missing from the relationship was gratitude for all the gifts in their lives, including each other even thought they were adversaries most of the time. I uttered this idea under my breath, but he picked it up quickly only to debunk my observation. His retort to me was to kick it back to his wife and to say that she didn’t care about all that he had given her during their marriage. And he was grateful for nothing because she gave him nothing. Wow! What a vicious circle. What a negative anchor!

Gratitude expands a life, makes it richer and more appreciated, more cherished. It even puts life into perspective. It allows us to clear out old baggage so we don’t carry negative hurtful anchors into the possibilities of the future.

Stretch your mind – stretch your life. It’s free and a measurable indicator of how joyful your path in life can be.

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