Making Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

It seems like we exert such a lot of effort making decisions not just in our daily lives but also in our work lives and in our businesses. Mostly, it’s a real struggle. Have you ever counted how many decisions we make in a day? Maybe that would be a good exercise for us because we make probably well over a hundred. Should I go to the bank today; should I shop today; should I buy those long overdo tennis shoes because my feel are really hurting me; should I take Sunset or Wilshire to UCLA; what yoga outfit should I wear this morning; what should I eat for breakfast lunch, dinner; what flight should I take, what time should I leave for the airport; what blog should I write; when should I work on my speech because I have no time left in my life.

I’m exhausted by the end of the day making decisions – and these are just the mundane decisions that get me through an hour at a time.  What about work, teaching and writing?  I’m sure I  have no time left over in a day to make the most important decisions about my general well-being and the quality of my life. These are the deeper, more profound decisions that effect my path, my journey, my dharma ( truth), my human potential, growth and perhaps even our transformation.   How do we get there from here?

Really effective decision making comes from a stronger connection between mind and body. The key to maximizing our potential begins with an intention to connect your mind, body and spirit (our energy) into an integrated, well-balanced individual with unlimited potential for personal and professional growth.

Acknowledging this connectivity will not only bridge the mind/body gap, but it will also provide an essential transitional step that improves self-worth and confidence. The results will be stunning. The mindful choices you make today will enhance the quality of your life, deepen your ability to assess your individual needs and those of your company, and guide you to think in multiple perspectives in a variety of contexts. You will be more inspired, more energized, and more mindful of all aspect of your life and work. Welcome to the new and enlightened era of decision-making! We can do it!!!

The real problem is our brain is way too cluttered with ideas and emotions that clog the synapses in our brain and alter the balance in our neurotransmitters.  This is called a “monkey mind” because it never, ever stops thinking. In fact, our thought are  mostly in a loop – a mindless loop. Quieting the mind is something we never take the time to do, but if we did we would find space in our brain that clears the path to mindful decision making  with less struggle and better outcomes.

How do we change the molecular structure of our brain and give it a rest and find peace and joy? How do we change this mind-numbing habit so we see more clearly, think more clearly, and take action that is intention driven and not all over the place chaotic, which makes us look like a chicken with our head cut off?

A smart way to begin this journey is to take some time to reflect on our current status and perhaps set aside some of our old mind sets, rigid ideas and limited perceptions. We know that a closed mind, a mind that clings and restricts, allows us to compartmentalizes past and future thinking. That’s a prescription for mindless repetition & repetition can be a real brain killer.

Let’s start to make changes in our life that will eliminate some of the persistent struggles we daily encounter – the kind of struggle that is of our own making.  It is possible to could get rid of that mindless chaos and struggle if we began to think of our life in terms of process and not outcomes or goals. Maybe we can break a habit, eliminate something superfluous from our life, do something that makes us feel insecure, strange, scary, carry out an action with complete intensity and attention as if it was our last; think outside the box, no, inside the box where there is an overlooked and fabulous idea. Maybe today  we can start to connect our mind and body and purse the path of maximizing your potential.

Imagine waking up to a universe that thinks different,  looks different, feels different.  I’m in for that.







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