Itchy Foot

I’m writing in the dark. It’s very dark. And quiet.  It is the summer solstice today and the longest day of the year. The day didn’t feel that long because I don’t know exactly when the sun sets during the summer. I don’t pay much attention to it. I only know the days are long because the sun is out for what seems forever.  I don’t mind it. It gives me more energy during my summer days. More light to do more things.

I was meeting with my wonderful friend and marketing and event expert today at lunch. Joella Hopkins owns Mumtaz Marketing and Events in Los Angeles and she is one smart, savvy lady. She was trying to explain to me how LinkedIn works, how I need to connect with my groups and contribute to material that is posted and how to finesse the wording. I glazed over what she was telling me and asked her about her trip to Southeast Asia two weeks ago.  That’s what I really wanted to talk about – not LinkedIn strategy.  Well, I did want to discuss strategy but strategy relative to her travels.  I have an Itchy Foot – an itch and a need to wander around the planet by myself.

Joella singlehandedly planned and executed her journey to Bali, Thailand, Cambodia and Shanghai with the force of her nature. She went alone. Alone! She does’t need a tour, a man, a friend to get her on travel track. She is a warrior to be reckoned with.

I have an itchy foot but I don’t often make my own plans for a trip. I want company when I plan; I want comfort and security and guidance when I go on a big trip. I’m lazy or insecure. I visualize the trip, but I want someone to help execute. I don’t feel very grown up when I rely on others to help me plan but I rely anyway.  Joella is a really grown up lady who has a vision and then executes.  I admire that.  I’ve done it a few times but not completely alone; I mean a tour isn’t alone and the tour agency plans everything ,or an eco guide took me through the Costa Rican jungle and we trekked together to the Volcano, or the shaman guided my yoga retreat through the vast city of Machu Picchu. All glorious trips and all glorious moments. But not alone.

But to be alone and traveling, relying on your instincts and own resources – now that’s an adventure! That’s not just itching your foot; it’s making singular footprints.  I want that.  But not yet.  When I go to Africa on safari next year, I need a tour. I need the protection of guides  and a driver and some comfortable accommodations.  When I go to Alaska next month, I’m on a cruise with Norwegian Cruise Lines (the Pearl) – and I’m also giving a seminar with 4 other speakers as well as teaching yoga and meditation daily. I’m well protected.

Wow!  I’m a wuss.  I remember Route 66 tand the ravelers who drove across the U.S. and staked their iconic character on cities and in states and on the byways and highways of our glorious country.  Give me some of that – unbridled freedom, finding new places, new smells, different kinds of people, places and things.

Yep, I’m gonna do it.  I’m making that intention to be a warrior traveler.  Wait and see.


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