Senior Love

Hi, Boomers,

I’ve been traveling and haven’t had time to write.  Living large is pretty cool these days and I’m happy as hell in my senior years.

I just came back from Austin, TX, my new favorite city – to visit son #2 and 2 of my 5 grandchildren and daughter in law.   Aways fun and interesting.  On the side, I attended Austin’s second annual tango festival – YoLa Austin Tango.  Amazing and totally engaging.  I love Austin and the people and the humidity and heat in December.  It wasn’t looking a lot like Christmas.

On Thursday night I went to a soiree for a few of the women in Texas Women In Business.  A lively and positive group of women whose bonds are strong and energetic.  They welcomed me and we all talked.  They wanted to hear about my book, 60, Sex & Tango, Confessions of a Beatnik Boomer, and we all had many laughs at common interests and experiences.  Most of the women were in their mid 50s into their 60s.  One of the women just got married – mid-50s and others had boyfriends.  Boyfriends!  Wow!  Ladies, we’ve come a long way, baby.

I talked about the tango festival and there was high interest.  One woman in particular was adamant that she would be at the afternoon dance on Sunday on the second floor of a an Indian restaurant.  The venues in Austin were terrific.

I saw Sylvia on Sunday sitting with a very good looking man (both seniors) and watching a class on musicality.  They were both attractive and lovely people.  Since they were holding hands, I assumed he was a “friend.”  Then I got the vibe that he was more than a friend to her I  noticed their loving connection.

I’m one that always wants to know about such things in the universe, how people fall in love at any age, and how it happens.  Sylvia and her beau had worked together 17 years ago at IMB.  Only two weeks prior to the meet up of Texas Women in Business they reconnected.  And Wow! Pop! Attraction! Love! all at once.  Really, now, they couldn’t keep their hands off each other.  They talked about dancing and how they loved music. In fact, they were hanging at The Broken Spoke on Friday night where I was supposed to be but ended up in Willie Nelson’s favorite restaurant, Threadgills.  See why I love Austin!!!  Next visit I’m handing out with them in their favorite country western bars.

So Sylvia and beau stayed until almost the very end of the milonga and just got right into the scene.  When I said good-bye to them we talked about why she was the only one who showed up at the tango venue.  Why?

People say “they want to go,” “they want to try experience something new,” “they want to attend,” “they want to dance or paint or knit” but they don’t.  And they don’t for many reasons but first and foremost is resistance.  Resistance is the most toxic force on the planet.  It is the cause of more unhappiness than poverty, disease or erectile dysfunction (thank you Stephen Pressfield for these words).  It hacks away at the heart of human nature and makes us less than we were born to be.  Amen!

I’m sure some of those ladies had other things to do.  One woman was going to see her son play football at a game in Dallas.  One was going out of town. Legit reasons. But remember the law of attractions – in love or in any endeavor – if you feel a draw, a pull, a longing to experience, a curiosity even, then there is no cause for resistance.

But let’s get back to love.  Senior love.  Sylvia and beau reminded me of a story I heard last week from a friend of mine.  He is 72 and virile as hell.  A few of his sheriff detective friends were ribbing him because of his age and he retorted, “I got laid last night.  What about you guys?”  There was stunned silence.  Then the “Ewuuuuuu. Senior love!  No way!”

Way. Love and sex happen at all ages at all times and in all places.  Adult children and kids and even adults have a hard time either accepting it or visualizing it.  Maybe that’s the mistake.  Wrinkles and all, senior love is here to stay.



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