Faster Than a Speeding Bullet

Hi, Boomers,

One of my friends called me up today and said, “Joan, I’m really disappointed in you. You haven’t blogged in several weeks. What’s wrong?”
“What’s wrong?” I shouted back. “Are you kidding me? What’s wrong is how much I have on my plate and can’t get through any of it!”
“Hold on, hold on. I’m just asking,” he said quietly. “I’m just asking.”
“Asking is the problem,” I responded sheepishly
It went something like that except not only am I busy, but I also from time to time have difficulty deciding what I want to write about. Nothing was inspiring me except guilt that I had not written. I woke up this morning with that same guilty feeling. And then my friend called this afternoon to remind me.
I’ve been tackling the fifth draft of my keynote speech. It seems the darn speech never ends. I’m single minded about converting my speech coach’s notes into the content and then wrestling with cuts and edits this is a full time project. I can’t entertain another idea and I’m way behind on providing content to my web designer for my new website. I’m tardy with an article for the Huffington Post and I’m teaching more classes than I could ever imagine. And today I gave an interview with Dr. Diana Wiley on her radio show, Love, Lust and Laughter on Progressive Radio Network. Everything takes time.
Life has interfered with my life.
But I was thinking about a subject that I’ve talked about frequently in the last couple of weeks. What is it that keeps us from our dreams and finding our passions? My favorite answer is resistance. Resistance is anything that keeps us fro what we love or want to do. It is the enemy within us because it hacks away at the unlived life, a life without fulfillment. And that’s really boring because it causes us to make endless lists of excuses not to do what we really want to do. I’m too old, I’m too fat, I’m too settled, my wife won’t like that, my husband won’t let me go, it’s too expensive, it’s too far, it’s too stupid, I won’t like that kind of play, I heard the movie was lame…you get the idea.
Stephen Pressfield in his book, The War of Art, said “Resistance is faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive and harder to kick than crack cocaine.” Resistance keeps us from achieving the life we want or the life that is intended for us. Mr. Pressfield called resistance “the most toxic force on the planet. It is the root of more unhappiness than poverty, disease or erectile dysfunction. To yield to resistance crushes our spirit and makes us less than what we were born to be.”
Somewhere lurking underneath resistance is fear. Often we aren’t even aware that we are fearful of something or someone or situation. That’s an unconscious state to be in. And it indicates that we are living in the shadow world, a world of half lights. We are only aware of our shadow (Plato’s Cave), the unconscious part of our being. Of course, we will resist because we are not fully aware of ourselves. So perhaps we will not be able to discover what we are intended to do with our lives, find our passions, and open our hearts to the surprises that life gives to us many times over.
I’d love to entertain you a bit more, but I have to finish the audio on my book(s), Sixty, Sex, & Tango, Confessions of a Beatnik Boomer and Women Obsessed. The first book will be ready for purchase on Monday, July 25. Pre-sales and discounts start on this coming Monday, July 11. I’m excited. I love the people I’m working with – really young kids who seem to have a idea to fill a market for audio books. Ben came up to me at the Los Angeles Festival of Books a few months ago and said: “With that title, you should put your book on audio.” He was reading my mind and I was so totally NOT resistant, I almost hugged him. It’s been a great ride since.
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