Today is everyday. And everyday is an opportunity to learn something fabulous about who you are. Think of your life as a giant goodie basket. You can use everything in this goodie basket to your advantage, such as taking on life’s challenges head on, meeting important needs or finding personal and professional success. Life is a day-by-day opportunity if you simply show up.

The cool thing about your life is that you don’t have to justify it to anyone else. Will people support your life’s decisions all the time?  No, they won’t. Will people walk in your shoes? No, they won’t. Will people align themselves with your philosophical needs, desires and values? No, they won’t. Your life is yours alone. So take a pass on those who criticize, judge or label who you are. Your mantra is and always will be: “I respectively do not care.”

Yet, it’s human nature to seek information outside your amazing self. You’ve heard countless presentations on how to reinvent your life, how to increase your happiness quotient; you’ve read 20 books on dialing down the stress and managing your emotions; you’ve asked therapists to help you self-actualize; you’ve paid life coaches to help you craft life decisions and build momentum to meet your goals; and you’ve consulted gurus and clairvoyants to give you the magic answer to the truths of your life.

George Bernard Show wrote: “Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” The moment of creation begins when you discover the one thing you want most in life and then master it. Once you discover that one thing, the rest of your life is about self-mastery – living the same wholehearted and happy life every day as your conscious awareness meets the “nitty-gritty.”


Here are 5 amazing things you can learn about yourself by living a conscious and wholehearted life:

1. Your conscious mind leads you to right intention. 

Most people have difficulty making the right decisions. Sometimes even the goals you set are not compatible with what you want to accomplish in life. Your conscious mind allows you to access a deeper understanding about what will determine focus in you life. Your greater awareness gives you more opportunity to work through old patterns and habits that get in the way of what you really want. Conscious living also prevents you from jumping to conclusions. When things go wrong, your conscious mind does not blame others for pain or suffering. Press the reset button and right intention arises with the clarity of your mind.

2. Your conscious mind helps you strategize your life.

Your conscious mind helps you negotiate complex social relationships and environments. It measures your social awareness and evolves social beliefs and attitudes. Only you can be a disciple of the things that interest you and be aware of the meaning and significance in life.  At first, it may seem daunting, but time is always on your side. You are the one who can give yourself space to work through the challenges of living a wholehearted and positive life – a life that connects the mind, body and spirit.

3. Your conscious mind helps manage fear.

You are the only person who can acknowledge your fears and can release them from your unconscious mind. When that happens, your conscious mind can manage your fears. Fear brings negative energy into your life. Turing the negative energy into positive energy changes your mindset about the unknown. You’ll be free to embrace uncertainty and dare to take leaps of faith, make glorious mistakes or risk something about yourself. Releasing your fears allows you to recognize the possibility of growth and transformation.

4. Your conscious mind connects the 18 inches between your head and heart.

There are 18 inches between your head and your heart. The flow of mind to heart is an amazing phenomenon.  It’s an awesome idea that you “think with the mind of your heart.” The heart is a powerful chakra – an energy center that represents a generosity of spirit, forgiveness, love and passion. Your heart center is the spirit of your emotions. Sometimes people are ashamed of their emotions, which inhibit their expression. Yet, you have the ability to learn about yourself from your emotions, even the negative ones. Emotions enable you to telescope the truth of who you are, recognize the feelings about how you live, learn and relate to others. When you follow your heart, you find your center of truth.

5. Your conscious mind makes great decisions.

You can give your full attention to making decisions that are right for you. Segmented thinking results in confused and fuzzy decisions. Your consciousness is the most important tool available to you. It’s best to quiet the mind and get to a place of peace before making a great decision. Mindfulness necessitates eliminating the overabundance of outside stimuli that often makes you feel out of control. You can make the best decisions for you because they come from the truth inside yourself.

You are the creator of your actions and thoughts. You have everything inside of you to live with fulfillment and joy. Learn from yourself and trust in your capacity to build an awesome life.

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