Are You Living A Happy Life?

As published in the Huffington Post  (You Only Get One Life)
Are you living a happy life? Because you only get one life. Do you often find yourself daydreaming that you were living a different life? Do you think deep down inside yourself that you need to make that happen? Especially when it comes to the very personal question of are you happy?
Whenever I feel a new level of personal happiness, I ask myself how did I do that? What new level of self-reflection, what special insight happened to help me achieve the result of making my life more personally satisfying? Do I have a system that I can apply in times of stress and anxiety that will enhance my life? It is in the moments of self-reflection and meditation that I try to sift through some essential steps, habits, and observations that will renew or possibly change my positive emotional connections and increase my happiness quotient.
The following are 5 ideas to lead the way into a happier life:
1. Live in the Present.
Too often we live in the past to bring solace and comfort to the present. As the gurus and sages always say: the past is gone and won’t return. You may learn from past mistakes and bad decisions, but that mindset is just for garnering better information to proceed into the future. The present will tell you all you need to know about what to do next.
2. Shift your Focal Point.
How do you really see things and people in your environment? Do you have clarity of vision and understanding? If you are unsure what you are seeing and witnessing and want to change your perspective, you might want to ask different questions. You process your questions by setting aside time to self-reflect about what is actually happening and not what you are wishing to happen. You might even try some active imagination – turning the scenario upside down by taking an opposite approach to your uncomfortable mindset. This process doesn’t happen in a day or perhaps even a week, but it will eventually produce a different level of awareness.
3. Ask for Help.
Your life often gets better by tapping into your mentors, your gurus or even your amazing friends to help shape your level of awareness so that you can keep on growing and transforming. Sometimes mentors have clearer and deeper levels of observation. They are able to assess what you are tolerating, or what is causing your life to be more difficult than it should be, or what decision do you need to make in the next day or week to get a different result.
4. Change your Beliefs.
This is easier than you think. Whenever you have the desire for something, your ability to manifest it is actually there for you already. If you are not getting what you want, it’s because your beliefs are not allowing you to see it. Opportunities and possibilities for change are based on your belief system. Changing your beliefs is a simple, two-step process.
First, if you want to change your beliefs around a relationship, for example, you must identify your beliefs around the relationship. What is the relationship built on? Do you believe in the longevity of the relationship? Is the relationship causing you stress? Or struggle? Do you feel you are not being yourself?
The second step starts in your head. Make the decision to act on a new, more empowering belief. Begin by giving yourself gifts regularly. Treat yourself to the best for the day, for the week and see how you feel. Do you feel happier? If this is you, and you are attracting more happiness in your life, you will be sure that you are actually taking concrete action steps to make changes in your personal growth.
5. Act the Part.
In order to make a breakthrough toward becoming a happier, healthier person, take one step away from yourself and behold your path. With distance, you can see a life of greater happiness. All it takes is to make an intention to rid yourself of the ideas, issues, and blocks that are holding you back from living your one great life. Finally, ask yourself: Is who I am today the person that I need to be to accomplish this? If you are not, what other qualities do you need to cultivate?
If you want to possess greater happiness, you may need to embrace your own vulnerability – to become more emotionally openly honest. Perhaps you might practice more forgiveness, be more attentive to others, and have an attitude of gratitude.These suggestions are the key ingredients to becoming an authentic and creative individual able to receive love and experience deep meaningful friendships. So don’t wait to get the life you want. Take a risk and dare greatly because you only get one life.
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