The world of morning TV – or ready, set, talk as I like to call it – is a a science unto itself. The segments are prepared the day before the show, the time slot is set but not necessarily adhered to, crew is everywhere and makeup and hair stations are abuzz with lively conversation. This is a world of controlled chaos.

Enter the segment guest trying to fit into the energetic routine of a morning show.

Guest Topic:  Platonic Relationships:  Possible or Not?

The World of Morning TV

Even though I was a guest on “Good Day LA” Fox 11 morning show last week and I knew the drill from my previous appearance, I was still amazed at how the show actually functions. Every crew member and producer executes his or her role with absolute competence. The hosts were comfortable, convivial and well informed. My segment producer was most careful to run over the questions once more before my segment to make sure everyone on set would be completely informed. The executive producer checked in with me to put me at ease. Leeza Gibbons, the totally professional television personality, came into the green room to prepare for her segment. We were instant BFFs.

I was not nervous. I don’t know why but I’m never nervous before a live television appearance. Maybe it’s because I was an actress for many years and I also have a comfort zone with the television medium from many previous experiences. It’s always about the excitement for me – excitement to enter the set, sit down and connect with the hosts and the audience and talk about an interesting topic.

Ready, Set, Talk

All that preparation and I knew to expect the unexpected as the segment began. The hosts have been working together for over a decade, and their patter and nuances as a couple form a particular bond that the guest only witnesses from the adjacent seat. I’m comfortable with their teasing and personal comments because I always know they will get back in the rhythm of questions and answers. It’s all a kind of a communication game and part of the excitement of live television.

Challenging and surprising , always interesting, live television is place that suits my  nature and compliments my energy.

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