Stay Resilient As You Age

Your ability to stay resilient,  visible and relevant as a sentient and powerful being in the world around you as you is the key to aging.

But have you ever wondered what it was like to be invisible?  I have, and  maybe you’ve even felt invisible yourself from time to time.

I had an experience about a decade ago when my BFF and I were at the makeup counter in a department store and no one would wait on us.

“It’s our age,” she said to me with disdain.

“Our age?” I said. “We’re not even 60 yet.”

“You’re clueless,” she replied. “We’re not getting waited on because they can’t see us. We’re getting older.”

“That’s ridiculous. We look hot and hip and we’re just trying to buy some age defying makeup.” I laughed. “It’s not about age. They need our business.”

“Yes, it is. They can’t see us,” she said firmly.

What my friend didn’t realize was that being seen has nothing to do with aging. Being seen is an attitude of confidence and style. Being seen is about understanding that women are more beautiful and certainly more interesting as they get older. Most of my friends are young – really young and they actually find me interesting. At 70, you’ve got at least some pearls of wisdom stored away because you’ll lived so long.

Life Gets Better with Resilience

The key to staying resilient as you age is to be more mindful, more conscious about your place in the universe. You have a greater ability to recognize amazing possibilities and imagine untold opportunities. Simple things take on importance: You can say No without guilt; you can say Yes with more joy; you can find humor in almost anything because you finally understand irony; you can let go of the past, get rid of emotional baggage, be present, look forward with excitement, and forgive everybody who ever said an unkind word to you because that’s in the past. Aging is like being in recovery but a lot more fun.

Mindfulness reminds you that the gifts of acceptance and surrender are never far from your consciousness. It’s a relief to know that you don’t have to be doing things anymore to prove you are worthy of being you. Your conscious awareness sets you on the journey of gratitude every day as you offer thanks for those you love and cherish and for your amazing talents and skills

A practice of mindfulness is at the center of your aging journey. Mindfulness resonates a state of peace, raises the level of your consciousness, increases awareness, fosters great health and inspires growth and transformation. According to the UCLA Mindful Awareness Center, the practice of mindfulness alters the molecular structure of the brain making you healthier and happier.

The sales lady at the makeup counter isn’t waiting on you because they she is busy at the cash register or is helping another customer. Being Invisible because of age is a myth perpetuated by feel bad about aging. They can spread negativity to others, or sit in a state of mindlessness in front of the TV or throw themselves a pity party.  But mindfulness is what’s hip and cool.



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