I feel guilty and completely intimidated at this moment. I am back blogging. I have been putting this blogging thing off for a year.

If anyone who knows me personally, they will think, “She’s kidding, right?” “It’s a joke.” Joan is never intimidated, never afraid, never insecure. Well, guess what? I am all of those things.
I have a few good excuses for not blogging in a year. The overriding excuse is my book. Over the summer of 2009, I got an agent and my book was entitled, SO YOU’RE 60, GET OVER IT, CONFESSIONS OF A BEATNIK/BOOMER. My agent and her wonderful assistant, an author in his own right, changed the name to SIXTY-SEX & TANGO. They thought is was more sexy, catchy and would appeal to publishers.
Alas, after six months, all rejection notices were in. Despite some good reviews, the over-ridding response was, “Who’s she? What has she done? What qualifies her to talk about living large in the decade of the 60’s?”
I don’t know. What have I done? Lived a full and rich life and had some very happy and sad and wonderful experiences and slept with some really terrific men.
So, what do I know? I know that I live by my teaching and practicing, my dedication to meditation and my joy at being a mother, a grandmother (now 4 grandsons and counting one more in Sept), a writer, and a darn good friend.
So the book publishing experience wasn’t all negative. Yet, I did sit on the book for several months after my agreement with my agent. I thought of putting it on Kindle, then took it off, then decided to self-publish. I selected iUniverse and have been very happy with my experience with them. My book is now in the editing stages after 7 weeks of rewriting, re-organizing and clarifying the message of my memoir Some people have even found this blog in the meantime and I owe those people my attention and further writing on the subject of living crazy, wild and free at 66.
I am almost late for my yoga class at UCLA so I will write more later. Oh, yes, and it took me days to find out how to find my blog. Being technically challenged is a bitch.
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