Hitting the Road

Hi, Boomers,

I’m in a kind of margarita kind of mood. Literally, I just had a margarita after teaching my tango lesson to my best, best friend and not my lover John. I refer to John in my book, SIXTY-SEX & TANGO, as my best friend and not my lover. He is 67 and I am 66 years old and we behave like teenagers. Every Friday after I give him a tango lesson, he and I drive to a Mexican restaurant where I have a margarita and get slightly high and he has his pretentious British aperitif. We talk and talk and talk for an hour and depart knowing that we will see each other the following night for sushi and dance tango at our Saturday night milonga (the place where tango dancers meet up to dance tango). How I adore this ritual! It is so close to feeling 20ish again that it makes me giddy with joy.
But, alas, tomorrow morning at 4 am I’m leaving for Vegas, Baby, Vegas. I’ll spend a week with my family – 2 sons, 2 daughters in law, 4 grandsons. I’m overdo; I’m in a rabbit’s stew. It’s been 2 months and I’m in withdrawals. My grandsons are 5, 3, 2, and 4 month old – all boys. And we are expecting another baby in Sept. We are not going to know the gender. It’s too much pressure for us all because we want a girl in our family. It’s scary not to know the sex of a baby now-a-days, but in the olden times, my time, we didn’t know either so what’s the difference. We want healthy, healthy babies.
I love driving in the early morning. I drive with the truckers. I feel save with them. And I feel young again. I’m on my own, traveling like Jack Kerouac in On The Road and loving the freedom, the music, the flowing thoughts. I don’t ever want to give that feeling up. It takes me three and a half hours door to door and that’s with a Starbucks stop before driving into my oldest son’s home. I enter with all the kids up – Jude Love – the baby – as I imagine him in prop chair – the other two, Jordan and Luc, playing and running around the house in their pj’s.
That’s life. That’s the best one could ask for.
Meanwhile, I think I am getting into a relationship. Life throws us curve balls, even at my age, even at 66.
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